quarta-feira, dezembro 04, 2013

Hwaseong Dinosaur Symposium

Começa hoje o Hwaseong International Dinosaur Expedition Symposium, na cidade Hwaseong, na Coreia do Sul, com a nossa participação em resultado da participação nas expedições na Mongólia.
Tarbosaurus and Tarchia

O programa é o seguinte:

Special Session Ⅰ : Dinosaurs and MusemsGrand Ballroom
Dr. Yuong-Nam Lee(Introduction of the Hwaseong symposium and guests)
Dr. Richen Barsbold(On some genera of the Mongolian dinosaurs)
Prof. Philip Currie
(Articulated tyrannosaurid (Dinosauria) skeletons from the Nemegt Formation of Mongolia)
Prof. Louis Jacobs (African dinosaurs and museums)
15:00~15:10Coffee Break
(Moderator: Prof. Yoshitugu Kobayashi)
2F Foyer
15:10~15:30Dr. Anthony Fiorillo 
(A paleontologist’s perspective on the new Perot Museum of
Nature and Science, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.: connecting research
with exhibit development and design)
Grand Ballroom
15:30~15:50Prof. Yoshitsugu Kobayashi 
(Japanese dinosaurs and Hokkaido University Museum)
15:50~16:10Prof. Junchang Lu
(Recent advances on the study of pterosaurs from China)
16:10~16:20Coffee Break2F Foyer
16:20~16:40Dr. Paulina Carabajal 
(Argentinian dinosaurs and “Carmen Funes” museum: a “brainy”
point of view)
Grand Ballroom
16:40~17:00Dr. Octavio Mateus
(Crocodylomorphs from the Mesozoic of Portugal and a new skull
of eusuchian from the Late Cretaceous)

09:20~10:30Special Session Ⅱ : Mongolian Expedition
(Moderator: Dr. Yuong-Nam Lee)
Grand Ballroom
09:20~09:40Dr. Mike Norell(20 years of Ukhaa Tolgod)
09:40~10:00Dr. Shinobu Ishigaki
(History and major discoveries of Hayashibara Museum of Natural
Sciences-Mongolian Paleontological Center Joint Paleontological
10:00~10:20YN Lee (Korea-Mongolia International Dinosaur Expedition)
10:20~10:30Coffee Break2F Foyer
10:30~12:00Scientific SessionⅠ : Dinosaurs
(Moderator: Dr. Michael Ryan)
Grand Ballroom
10:30~10:45Dr. Khishigjaw Tsogtbaatar
(New hadrosauroid from the Djadokhta Formation in Mongolia)
10:45~11:00Dr. Michael Ryan
(New data on the “Dragon’s Tomb” Saurolophus bonebed, Nemegt Formation (Late Cretaceous), Mongolia)
11:00~11:15Dr. Derek Larson
(Disparity of small theropod teeth through space and time in the Late retaceous of western North America)
11:15~11:30Dr. Victoria Arbour
(A review of the ankylosaurid dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous Djadokhta, Baruungoyot, and Nemegt formations of Mongolia)
11:30~11:45Dr. Hang-jae Lee
(Theropod trackways occurred with ornithomimid skeletons from the Nemegt Formation (Maastrichtian) at Bugiin Tsav, Mongolia)
11:45~13:15LunchBlue Shppire
13:15~14:45Scientific SessionⅡ : Paleoenvironment
(Moderator: Prof. Namsoo Kim)
Grand Ballroom
13:15~13:30Dr. David Eberth
(Stratigraphy of the Baruungoyot-Nemegt succession (Upper Cretaceous) in the Nemegt Basin, southern Mongolia)
13:30~13:45Dr. Dale Winkler
(An unusual vertebrate assemblage at Ulan Khushu, Nemegt
Formation (Late Cretaceous), Mongolia)
13:45~14:00Dr. Eva Koppelhus
(Palynomorphs from a footprint site in the Nemegt Formation
(Maastrichtian) at Bugiin Tsav, Mongolia)
14:00~14:15Prof. Namsoo Kim
(Sedimentary faceis associations of the Upper Cretaceous deposits
in Gobi Desert, Mongolia)
14:15~14:30Dr. John Graf
(Diagenetic history of Khermeen Tsav based on the isotopic record
of dinosaur eggshell and pedogenic carbonates)
14:30~14:45Coffee Break2F Foyer
14:45~18:00Scientific SessionⅢ : Dinosaurs and others
(Moderator: Dr. Michael Polcyn)
Grand Ballroom
14:45~15:00Prof. Thomas Adams
(Small crocodyliforms from the Lower Cretaceous (Late Aptian-Early
Albian) of north-central Texas and their phylogenetic relationships
to the Late Cretaceous Asian Paralligatoridae)
15:00~15:15Prof. Martin Kundrat
(X-ray synchrotron microtomography: applications in dinosaur
15:15~15:30Prof. Bonnie Jacobs (Flowering plant origins in Asia)
15:30~15:45Dr. Scott Persons (The evolution, function, and possible sexual dimorphism of
oviraptorosaur tails)
15:45~16:00Coffee Break
16:00~16:15Dr. Robin Sissons
(Hesperornithid tibiotarsus from Khermeen Tsav (Nemegt
Formation), Mongolia)
16:15~16:30Dr. Phillip Bell
(The smallest-known Tarbosaurus: implications for tyrannosaur
ecology in the Nemegt Formation, Mongolia)
16:30~16:45Dr. Michael Polcyn
(Taxon inclusion in phylogenetic analyses of Mongolian
anguimorph squamates)


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