segunda-feira, outubro 29, 2012

Nova tartaruga do Cretácico de Angola

Vineyard, D., Mateus O., Jacobs L. L., Polcyn M. J., & Schulp A. (2012).  A new marine turtle from the Maastrichtian of Angola. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Program and Abstracts, 2012, 189. ISSN 1937-2809.

Well preserved skull, jaw and associated postcranial material of a new marine turtle was recovered from the mid Maastrichtian (Late Cretaceous) Mucuio Formation, Bentiaba, Angola, during the 2010 Project PaleoAngola expedition. Preliminary analysis was performed showing that the new material represents a sister-taxon of Euclastes based on synapomorphies such as extensive secondary palate, shovel-like mandible, low tomial ridge, and broad skull, and places the new Angolan specimen as the most basal Euclastes. This new taxon, plus Angolachelys mbaxi, and at least two other distinct taxa show a diversity of marine turtles previously unknown in the Cretaceous of Africa.

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MauFeitio disse...

É a nossa tartaruga??. :) aquela que eu andei a tentar escavar? :)

Octávio Mateus disse...

Essa mesmo!