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Estatística europeia de recursos humanos na Ciência

Mais estatística do desempenho de Portugal e de outros países (sobretudo europeus) na Ciência, nomeadamente a percentagem dos resursos humanos em Ciência (gráfico de cima) e estudantes de doutoramento (gráfico de baixo).

Human resources in science and technology as a share of labour force - Total - (%)
Short Description: Human resources in science and technology (HRST) as a share of the economically active population in the age group 25-64. This indicator gives the percentage of the total labour force in the age group 25-64, that is classified as HRST, i.e. having either successfully completed an education at the third level in an S&T field of study or is employed in an occupation where such an education is normally required. HRST are measured mainly using the concepts and definitions laid down in the Canberra Manual, OECD, Paris, 1995.

Doctorate students in science and technology fields - Total
(% of the population aged 20-29)Students participating in second stage of tertiary education in science and technology.

A estatística refere-se aos dados mais recentes disponíveis.
Fonte: Eurostat.
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